Greenish Template

This template is tableless XHTML/CSS that validates as 1.1 strict. It uses relative widths so that it handles browser font +/- without any troubles. The vertical plant image is easy to switch for one of your own, as is the accent colour. To change the green header, you'll need to update these two images:


Included in the template are styles for a right side news & submenu section or a comments section (shown in this version). The code is semantically written so it's clean and easy to modify. The CSS is coded so that elements derive their style from their context, rather than classes. This adds to the readability of the source.

The plant photo was taken by icefront and has no usage restrictions. The repeating pattern is from squidfingers and is also free use, but I'm sure both of them would appreciate a link back. The rest was created by me and is open source. If you use any of it, I'd appreciate credit, but it isn't required.

Winter Blues

This template was started on the day it began's going to be a long 6 months before I see this colour again. If you do end up finding a use for the template, send me a message. It's always interesting to see my templates in action.

Courtesy Open Web DesignThanks to Florida Vacation Homes