Left column

You could use this column as some sort of news box, link list, or a second navigation. It would also be quite feasable to move this to the right and have the navigation here.

Custom designs

Schools out, and I don't have too much on the go right now, so if you want a custom design made, give me a shout, and I'll make you a template for a very fair price.

About the Author

My name is Kevin Cannon. I live just outside of Vancouver, Canada. I've been dabbling in web design for a while, and this is my fourth template submitted to OSWD. Most of my work, no wait ... all of my work has been done for free so far. Maybe I will do web design for a living, but probably not.


Welcome to Relic, my most ambitious template yet. This is a fluid, 3-column design. No matter which column is tallest, the design will not fail, and the footer will always stay at the bottom of the page. The columns have widths based in percentages, so the template will smoothly transfer to different screen resolutions. This is all achieved through pure Css, no javascript at all. Sorry for all that tech-talk, its really much simpler than it sounds


Because of the use of CSS and Xhtml in place of tables, you will find this template incredibly easy to modify. To help you out even more, the Css and Xhtml is clearly labeled with comments throughout.

The design

Its July, so I chose a light summer colour scheme with greens and blues. The header is off of the stock x-change, and is not included in the zip file, otherwise it would be over 100kb. Instead I've hosted it externally. You will probably want to use your own header, but if you really like this one it can be found here. If you need any help at all with this template, don't hesitate to contact me through OSWD, or email - kmcannon [at] telus [dot] net.



This template is very image-friendly, and through the use of classes, you can have your images floating in either side of the text. The images are controlled externally with CSS. You can also have images as links, like the firefox logo in the corner. And, again through CSS, you can have mouseover effects. If you're using firefox, put your cursor over the logo. But for some reason IE doesn't like image rollover effects. Its not that big of a deal.