culture shock

A Floated Text Box


A handy right-side text box for news, updates or maybe a profile. The choices are practically limitless for this blue box!

The rounded corners on this text box is done with CSS that was developed by Adam Kalsey.

Grass Stains (v1.2)

Update: You're looking at an updated version of this design. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback for the update, especially Andreas. A list of details on what was done is listed further down.

If you're thinking to yourself that this one looks a lot like Prozac Afternoon (v1.2), you'd be right. I had an urge to use the same layout with green as the main color. Don't ask why because I don't even know myself. But people seem to be feeling it.

Web Geek Stuff

Grass Stains (v1.2) was tested in Windows with Firefox1.0.7, IE6.0, Netscape7.2 and Opera7.54 with valid css and xhtml 1.0-strict.

As is, download time for 56k is 5.27 seconds; ISDN 128K at 1.75 seconds; T1 at .33 seconds.

All images amount to just a touch over 23KB.

Changes & Updates to this template

Better Living Through Open Source Design

This is an open source design originally developed for the OSWD community and is free to be used and adpated as such. If you need help figuring things out or have questions about customizing this design, you can contact me through

If you use this design, please drop me a line so that I can see it in action. Thanks and good luck!