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Slashhack - News for 31337 kiddies

Mitnick sneezes, breaks into Pentagon
Story posted by CmdrAntipop on Oct. 20, 2000.
z3r0-c00l submitted this one: "This morning a source close to the celebrated hacker Kevin Mitnick reported that the he might be coming down with a bad cold. The source said the cold was so bad that when he sneezed he suddenly had root on the Pentagon's computers." For those of us who have followed Kevin's hacking career we already knew he was s00p3r 31337 but this proves it.

Redhat 7 is the 31337est for kiddies
Story posted by CmdrAntipop on Oct. 19, 2000.
Signal666 sent: "As all of us script kiddies know, Redhat is the most 31337 way to port scan everyone in your @Home subnet continously. Well friends, version 7 is out. Sure, it's full of bugs and the graphical tools hide you from all the cool part of the Linux OS, but hey, all you really care about is your Matrix KDE theme, right?" Well said. Although I prefer the Windowmaker Matrix theme.

Windows ME is Out
Story posted by JonPussy on Oct. 19, 2000.
With the recent geek alienation that's been going on, it's a wonder Microsoft got anything done this year. But the evil empire has, and they have released the 31337 version of Windows yet! Now you'll never have to see that darned command line DOS prompt again! Point and click your way to 31337 heaven. Some people criticize Windows for not being stable, but everyone knows that those truly evil Linux users planted the BSOD in Windows! Those geek alienaters will stop at nothing to take our precious Windows away!


What OS do you use?
  • Redhat cuz I'm 31337!
  • Windows ME because I sold my soul to MS!
  • DOS cuz I'm poor
  • CowboyAntipop Linux v.9.0!
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